The Christian Diet Insoles

The Official Christian Diet Insoles

As recommended in the program, having comfortable walking insoles in your shoes will dramatically help you stay consistent. Heel spurs, plantar fascitis, and other foot problems may slow down your progress. Stay ahead of any injury by taking proper preventative cautions so that you can reach your goals faster! These unisex, sweat absorbing, memory foam walking insoles can adjust to nearly any foot size with a simple pair of scissors so no need to worry about getting the exact size. You may replace your current shoe insoles with these or layer it on top for additional support.
Insole Height: 1cm at the tip to 3cm at the heel
Compatible Shoe Width: Medium(B,M)
Material: High-quality Memory Foam
Additional Features:
• Deodorization
• Sweat-Absorbant
• Shock-Absorbant
• Light Weight
• Breathable
• Cut-to-size (Guidelines included)

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